>>Lead Zinc Ore Beneficiation Concentration and Processing

When smelting and processing department needs to smelt, process and select ores according to ore type, circle them on geology ichnography, and connect the adjacent section plane accordingly, then the distribution scope should be circled, and calculated reserves, respectively.
Lead zinc ore generally smelts lead, zinc metal products through beneficiation enrichment to fine ores. Ore technology processing smelting experiment is an important component in geological exploration, and also the important basis for assessing whether ore deposit is suitable for commodity ores. Therefore, ore beneficiability experiment should be carried through in the process of geological exploration.
lead zinc ore beneficiation process
According to different types of ore, beneficiation experiment of lead zinc ore should take different beneficiation method. Sulfide ore commonly adopts flotation method. Sulfide ore uses flotation, gravity concentration together with flotation to beneficiation, or flotation after sulfide baking, or re-flotation uses sulphuric acid after gravity concentration. As for lead zinc ore which contains many metals, it often uses united beneficiation method of magnetic separation-flotation, gravity concentration-flotation, gravity concentration-magnetic separation-flotation, etc.
Classification of lead zinc ore in industrial type, is on the basis of natural types of ore, it can be classified into sulfide ore lead, oxidized zinc, oxidized ore, etc in terms of ore oxidation degree. In terms of useful components in ores, it can be classified into lead ore, zinc ore, lead zinc ore, lead zinc copper ore, lead zinc sulfide ore, lead zinc copper sulfide ore, lead tin ore, lead antimony ore, zinc copper ore, etc. In terms of different composition or structure of ore, it can be classified into disseminated ore, compact ore, brecciaous ore, stripped ore, veinlet disseminated ore, etc.
For any kinds of ore, and what kind of beneficiation method and process flow is adopted, its concentrate grade should meet the standard of current non-ferrous metals industry, that is lead concentrates standards replacing of zinc concentrate standards and lead zinc ore smelting method: lead sulfide concentrate is the main mineral material for smelting, there are two smelting methods. At present, its based on fire, hydrometallurgy is under experimental and researching phase. Fire lead smelting mainly adopts sintering roasting imperial smelting process, reaction smelting, precipitation smelting, and so on. Lead refining mainly uses fire refining, followed by electro refining. Sulfide lead concentrate is the main mineral material for lead smelting, which also have fire and hydrometallurgy smelting. Fire smelting uses vertical retort, flat retort or electric furnaces; hydrometallurgy of zinc has developed rapidly these years, and become the major way to smelt zinc. Rough zinc obtained by fire zinc smelting adopts distillation refining or directly applies; but electrolytic zinc that obtained by hydrometallurgy zinc smelting is high in quality, and no need of refining.
As for the sulfide lead zinc mixed concentrate which is hard to be separated, imperial smelting furnace method which can produce lead and zinc is usually used. For the difficult separated oxidized lead zinc mixed ore, there is special treatment method, that is undressed ore of oxidized lead zinc mixed ore or its enrichment product, after sintering and briquetting, are melt in blast furnace, so as to get rough lead, molten slags contains lead and zinc, slags are further fumed in fuming furnace, and get oxidized zinc product, and electrolytic zinc is got by hydrometallurgy zinc smelting. Besides, rotary kiln can be used to directly fume and get oxidized zinc product. There are rich accompanying components in our lead, zinc concentrates, the accompanying components have been comprehensively recovered, which have excellent profit and good market. The comprehensive recovery products while smelting lead are copper, sulfide, zinc, gold, silver, platinum group metals, bismuth, thallium, cadmium, selenium, tellurium, etc. The comprehensive recovery products while smelting zinc are sulfide, lead, cooper, gold, silver, indium, gallium, germanium, cadmium, cobalt, thallium, mercury, and so on.
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